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Ben Pearre bwpearre at mit.edu
Tue Apr 9 17:01:03 PDT 2002

> I also want to note that an ISO 8601 date may have a space itself.

Oh yeah, I was wondering about that.  ISO 8601 seems to describe piles
of formats just for the sake of completeness...  most people specify a
subset.  For example, here's a W3C discussion document that defines
six space-less formats, the use of which would solve most of the


As for using different calendars (Jewish, Chinese, Shire-reckoning), I
suppose I'd cast a vote for "suggesting" the use of a preferred
format, rather than requiring it.  But then, I don't tend to sort
music across styles by date.  Others may want to...  *grin*


ps. my browser (Galeon 1.0.3, Gecko 0.9.8, Linux 2.4) still isn't
handling the layers properly, meaning I can't click on the links or
even highlight the increasingly ironic Latin.  :)

bwpearre at alumni.princeton.edu                http://hebb.mit.edu/~ben

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