[vorbis] Trying to figure out the library...

Lance Paine lancep at radiopie.com
Sun Apr 7 22:48:45 PDT 2002

> Tried the "rb" thing, no change.  What do you suspect could be wrong with
> the linker settings?  I included all of the lib files that came with the
> directly into the project, is there some other setting that needs to be
> changed?  Link incrementally doesn't make any difference either... Maybe
> tomorrow I'll try to download the source and compile it with MSVC++ :/
> Thanks for all your help everyone.
> --Shon
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> > opening the file in binary mode is critical in windows...
> > so you'll need to change "r" to "rb"...that should solve the ov_open()
> > problem...isn't this
> > in a FAQ somewhere ? *is* there a FAQ somewhere ?
> That will cause an ENOTVORBIS or some similar error.  Nothing should
> cause a segfault.  I suspect linker setting error.
> jack.

Make sure you're using Multithreaded DLL of the RT libs.

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