[vorbis] Tagging Ogg files

Magnus von Koeller magnus at vonkoeller.de
Mon Sep 24 16:04:30 PDT 2001

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On Monday 24 September 2001 19:59, you wrote:
> After 4 hours of testing and failing to tag ogg files "on the fly" while
> encoding with OggEnc, I wonder if there is any programs that allows to
> mass-tag Ogg files. Or is there any in the making??


Ogg Vorbis support is in CVS. I can release it soon if you want me to (I've 
just been too lazy). This tool works great if you have a consistent format in 
your files. It actually also tidies all info (cut whitepspace, correct case 
and stuff like that). I think it rocks. I'm also the author, though, so that 
doesn't really count ... ;-)

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