[vorbis] distributing Vorbis files doesn't need a fancy web page

Kenji Rikitake kenji at k2r.org
Fri Sep 21 09:43:43 PDT 2001

In the message <1461105154.20010920212131 at guest.arnes.si>
at Thu, Sep 20, 2001 at 09:21:09PM +0200,
Jernej Simon鑛 <jernej.simoncic at guest.arnes.si> writes:
> Lately I've seen quite a few computers, which downloaded a virus using
> this technique :)

The use of Java, JavaScript, ActiveX control, Flash, or whatever putting
the browsing user at an unnecessary risk is strictly prohibited on Neuro
Net Recordings web site, under control of mine, with full of Vorbis
files.  I know for some application JavaScript or even Java is a
must.  But for distributing Vorbis files, you don't need them.

// Kenji Rikitake, Internet Archivist
// Neuro Net Recordings at http://www.nnr.to/
// Yeah, I should admit my preference is against fancy web sites :-)

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