[vorbis] RC2 encoder status

Per Wigren wigren at home.se
Tue Sep 18 13:52:23 PDT 2001

Tuesday 18 September 2001 14.17 skrev du:

> I've found Gian-Carlo's tuned version (http://sjeng.org/ftp/vorbis/)
> very good.
> [...]
> Btw. *Should* I trust that version? :)

Well, I do! :)  I've already encoded ~100 CDs with it and I haven't found a 
single clip that has artifacts with it! Now I've got only ~1500 to go... :)
Average bitrate is about 170 kbps and the record is "The guns of Brixton" 
with The Clash, which uses more than 210 kbps and has a lot of 500kbps+ peaks!
But it sounds very good! I can't differ it from the original wav on my pretty 
good stereo. MP3 kills that song, even at 320 kbps!

"The guns of Brixton" has a very dominant analogue slightly distorted bass. 
I've noticed other songs that also use distorted bass and the bitrate is 
often 200+ on them also!

// Wigren

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