[vorbis] ID3 in ogg 1.0

rillian rillian at telus.net
Tue Sep 18 10:10:18 PDT 2001

On Monday, September 17, 2001, at 09:43 , volsung at asu.edu wrote:


We've always talked about the vorbis comment headers being informal and 
oriented for human readability. In that vein I'd been thinking 'English' 
or 'Español' for the language tag. Perhaps the guideline would be that 
it should be recognizable as a label for those who speak the language. 
This provides plenty of flexibility for 'unknown' languages.

The reasons to use a language code are (a) for machine comparability to 
e.g. choose among alternate language tracks automatically based on a set 
of user priorities, and (b) that it might be easier to look up 
unfamiliar language names by code. I'd been thinking about an additional 
tag, maybe 'LC_LANG' for this. OTOH, you could argue this is an abuse of 
the comment header and that machinable language codes go in our mythical 
stream-description metadata format. Guess we won't know until we work 
that out.


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