[vorbis] new ogg stream

Magnus Holmgren lear at algonet.se
Fri Sep 7 09:29:20 PDT 2001

Jack Moffitt wrote:

> > As usual, I don't hear a thing (WinAmp 2.76, Windows 2000 SP2, Vorbis
> > 1.15 plugin)... :( How long after I start playing a stream in WinAmp
> > should I expect to hear some sound? I've tried waiting several minutes,
> > to no avail (data is being recieved, at a reasonable rate, I can see
> > that). And the bit rate and frequency display in WinAmp is usually odd
> > (right now it is 63H kbps, 12 kHz); that appears after a couple of
> > seconds...
> And you're using the newest plugin from www.blorp.com/~peter?

I used 1.15. Just downloaded 1.15a with the same result.

> And you're outputting to the soundcard, not to the disk writer correct?

Ofcourse. :) Playing "local" files works fine.

I tried Reuben Martin's suggestions (thanks!), but they didn't help

I don't know if it is related, but WinAmp kind of hangs for a while
(from a couple of seconds and up), when I start or stop a Vorbis
stream... I've tried disabling any proxies and firewalls, but it didn't
help. MP3 streaming works just fine, btw.


I actually got some sound recently now! Just a few strange "pops", or
whatever I should call them, but at least it's something. :) The stream
does seem to get corrupted somehow, but why?

Magnus Holmgren

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