[vorbis] new ogg stream

Gian-Carlo Pascutto gcp at sjeng.org
Thu Sep 6 01:34:46 PDT 2001

At 23:00 5/09/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>As usual, I don't hear a thing (WinAmp 2.76, Windows 2000 SP2, Vorbis
>1.15 plugin)... :( How long after I start playing a stream in WinAmp
>should I expect to hear some sound? I've tried waiting several minutes,
>to no avail (data is being recieved, at a reasonable rate, I can see
>that). And the bit rate and frequency display in WinAmp is usually odd
>(right now it is 63H kbps, 12 kHz); that appears after a couple of
>I have Tiny Personal Firewall installed. Could that make a difference
>(I'm not keen on taking it down right now, because of Code Red :)?

I have the exact same problems. Streaming works fine with mp3
and Vorbis on Linux, fine with mp3 on Windows but not with Vorbis 
on Windows.

Same symptons.

I am firewalled below port 1024 at my ISP, but I have the proxy
set up and can stream Ogg without problems even in Linux, so that
shouldn't be the cause.

Happens with all versions of the WinAmp plugin I tried, Windows ME,
WinAmp 2.76. (I've reported this here before as well)


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