[vorbis] low sampling rate

SyP syp at dev-labs.com
Mon Sep 24 00:28:11 PDT 2001

Hello Geoff,
You wrote at 9/24/2001, 7:20 AM:

Geoff> hmmm. Did it actually encode in mono? In my very informal
Geoff> testing, I got about 20kbps using 64kbps mode, so you should be
Geoff> able to get 24kbps or thereabouts for 80kbps mode. The 42kbps
Geoff> sounds about right for 16khz stereo, I got 36kbps for lowest
Geoff> possible bitrate.

Yes I'm sure it was mono. There is no way Oggdrop would encode a mono
WAV in stereo, there is? :) Additionally, winamp says channels:1 in
the file info dialog.

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