[vorbis] retrieving "instant" bitrate without vo_open?

safemode safemode at speakeasy.net
Sat Sep 22 21:50:38 PDT 2001

On Sunday 23 September 2001 00:38, Michael Smith wrote:
> >> You want to use mostly libogg, plus two or three functions from
> >> libvorbis. You need to read in each packet in order (see the ogg docs or
> >> maybe decoder_example.c for how to do this). Then, instead of actually
> >> decoding the packet, use vorbis_packet_blocksize() to get the size (in
> >> samples) of the packet (see vcut or vorbiscomment for an example of how
> >> to use these).
> >
> >Is none of this documented on the xiph site?  i cant find anythnig but ov
> >functions and some structures.  ?
> All the ogg stuff is fully documented. The vorbis parts aren't, but there's
> very clear example code for most of it (vorbis_packet_blocksize() was added
> recently, and isn't used by any examples, though).

Ok, i'm getting values for packet->bytes   that looks something like this.


Is that supposed to be the kilobit rate of the particular packet?  I question 
it because it's very very different from that of mp3 bitstreams.   If it's 
not and it's simply single bytes, then how would that equate to a bitrate, 
since it wouldn't be more than 4000 - 5000 bits per frame.  That sounds more 
wrong than my first guess. 

> >i'm reading through the headers now but what type is packet?  ogg_packet
> > has bytes and ogg_page has body_len .
> Sorry, was a slight error on my part there - I meant packet->bytes for the
> length. It's an ogg_packet.
> Michael

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