[vorbis] retrieving "instant" bitrate without vo_open?

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Sat Sep 22 19:24:59 PDT 2001

At 08:31 PM 9/22/01 -0400, you wrote:
>ok, I'm aware that vo_open cant be used at the same time as other functions 
>such as ogg_sync_wrote, ogg_sync_pageout, ogg_stream_pagein, 
>ogg_stream_packetout and vorbis_synthesis_headerin.   In order to get 
>information from the bitstream i've been using this method because it's fast 
>and doesn't require decoding of the stream.  But, i can only retrieve the 
>average bitrate of the ogg stream with the vorbis_info struct.  I tried using 
>vo_open but could only retrieve garbage values and it's because i basically 
>dont know how to use it to do the same thing i'm doing here.  
>All i need to do is traverse the entire bitstream, take each packet and look 
>at it's individual bitrate.  Can i do this without vo_open or is there a way 
>to use vo_open and the ogg functions i've listed above ?  I'm not aware of 
>any way to set the vorbis_file struct to the current packet without at least 
>using vo_open and doing that ruins the ogg functions in my tests.   

Why do you want to look at the bitrate of each individual packet? 

You can certainly do all of what you want without using vorbisfile. I'm
not sure exactly what it is you want to do, though.

If you only want to make things work faster, try looking at ov_test(), and
ov_test_open(). That might be an easier way to do it.


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