[vorbis] german ogg-vorbis page

Robert Voigt f1k at gmx.de
Thu Sep 20 04:22:49 PDT 2001

On Wednesday 19 September 2001 20:31, Benjamin Lebsanft wrote:
> Hi,
> i just wanted to know if a german page would make sense ? If yes i would
> build it up but i would need some help concerning information on ogg. Would
> be nice to see more germans using ogg (instead of xing mp3s ;) ), heh ? :)
> I am open for any comments.

I think that would be useful. 

A while ago my mother-in-law wanted me to put some music on her little street 
organ website. I wanted to use Ogg for it, but it was too compilcated to 
explain how to listen to that music. I could have pointed to a good newbie 
tutorial on Ogg I had found, but it was in English. Neither my mother-in-law 
nor the visitors of her website speak English. Vorbis.com is also in English 
only. When Ogg becomes widely used there will be a lot of cases like this.

So, maybe you could make a German version of vorbis.com, because it has a lot 
of what is needed, or translate anything else you find, or make something 
new. In case you didn't know, www.oggmusic.de is a place you should look at 
first. It's about music, but it has a lot of technical stuff for a music 

Jack, what do you think about multiple languages on vorbis.com?

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