[vorbis] ID3 in ogg 1.0

Andreas Fuchs asf at void.at
Mon Sep 17 21:08:56 PDT 2001

On 2001-09-17, Nathan Johnson <johnsonn at agcs.com> wrote:

> I think that some type standard for LANGUAGE identifier(s) would be a
> good idea.  It should accommodate multiple and unidentified languages.

Something to the lines of "de" (for oggs in generic german) or de_AT
(for oggs in austrian dialect) would be really nice, IMHO.

You can always have the multiple languages effect by adding more than
one LANGUAGE field:


for an ogg that is in english, in austrian dialect and in spanish. Does
the order of the comment fields matter at all in vorbis streams? Then
you could even define when, and how much text of a language is contained
within a vorbis streams (as in: "
LANGUAGE=hu (80%)
LANGUAGE=gr (20%)"). I don't know who would use this feature, however. (-:

Andreas Fuchs, <asf at acm.org>, asf at jabber.at, antifuchs

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