[vorbis] vorbis.arkena.com Ogg stream testing

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams ignacio at openservices.net
Sun Sep 9 15:32:21 PDT 2001

On Sun, 9 Sep 2001 k_myers at irito.com wrote:

> Yeah, my stations have always been a bit unique in that regard. Since I only
> play mixes (of my own stuff) song changes are few and spread apart; some as
> long as 79 minutes...

That's actually good. It's easy to miss problems that only occur after an hour
if the software only runs for three to six minutes.

> What exactly happened when you dumped? Cause I checked the logs, and the
> server died immediately after a client had a series of unrecoverable errors
> (which is a bit bizarre... howmany of them can you have in row? (I am
> assuming it was you), and the gap in time matches when I restarted the
> server when I got up this morning.  Did you experience any type of "cascade
> rebuffering" (where each drop out seems to trigger another rebuffer until it
> finally chokes altogether and crashes the client)?

The dumps occured when switching from one song to the next. I'm using ogg123
under Linux to play the stream, so I don't know if it's capable of "cascade
rebuffering". The thing is, when it dumped, I managed to connect to the stream

A few runs later, it just suddenly disconnected, and I was unable to reconnect
that time. IIRC, it was during We The People.

What was the address of the client that went bust? I don't think it was me,
but it can't hurt to check.

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams  <ignacio at openservices.net>

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