[vorbis] I hate myself for asking this, but...

John Morton jwm at plain.co.nz
Tue Sep 4 17:37:44 PDT 2001

On Wednesday 05 September 2001 00:45, you wrote:
>  I'm going to encode ~2000 CDs soon. All genres, but 90% of it has
> distorted guitars... Everything from punkrock to metal to industrial to
> goth to synthpop to classical to techno to whatever...
>  I've heard that RC2 has some hearable artifacts, even in 192/256 kbps...
>  There have been quite a few "bugreports" since RC2 with people sending
>  samples that even I can differ from the original wavs. That makes me doubt
> if it is worth doing it now. Also I don't want to wait too long. Is RC3
> anywhere near a release? Is there a cvs-snapshot (I know that the current
> cvs is unusable) that has all known bugs fixed in the high (192/256)
> bitrates that I can use instead?

I figure the re-encoding problem is going to come up again and again for me, 
so I've hacked together a python script to handle the whole rip/encode/tag 
process that records the disc_id used for freedb lookups. The idea is that 
later on when I want to reencode RC2 oggs to RC3/1.0, I'll build a 
disc_id/track - > file map so the software can copy across the metadata and 
replace the file automatically. All I'll need is a trained monkey to cycle 
the CDs through the drive :-)

I have the script here if you want it. It's hackerware at the moment, but it 
might be useful to you.


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