[vorbis] MP3PRO

FlipSide flipside at yifan.net
Wed Oct 24 10:10:13 PDT 2001

Hello - new to list ;)

Has anyone seen the demo of MP3PRO? It's available at the ComputerActive 
site (UK mag) http://www.computeractive.co.uk/download/1123249

The mag claims that it will 'allow you to listen to files that are half the 
size of standard mp3 files', in reality it encodes at 64Kbps and makes it 
sound pretty. How? Well heres the interesting bit, it appears to chop off 
the top of the frequency spectrum, and encode the lower bit only instead. 
Hmmm.... looking at the frequency response of a .... 64Kbs .... ogg vorbis 
file.. hmmmm that looks familar......


As I understand it, ogg uses similar coding routines to mp3, so maybe those 
German guys have finally woken up and produced some new bright idea - mp3 
still isn't a free format though, and MP3PRO is (from my point of view) 
identical to Ogg, so I'm gonna stick to oggifiying for the moment :)


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