[vorbis] weekly status updates...

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Sun Oct 21 21:44:38 PDT 2001

We will start doing weekly status updates for Ogg related projects.
This will be (in the spirit of Kernel Traffic) called Ogg Traffic.

These will go out on Monday nights/Tuesday mornings, and will highlight
the interesting happenings of the week from the mailing list and
elsewhere.  Something like a cross between the mozilla.org status
updates and the kernel traffic updates.

For now I'll be doing these.

So, this is basically a note to all developers/etc to be sure and keep
me informed around Sunday/Monday so that I can be sure not to miss
anything for the update.  I'm sure I'll catch most stuff that runs by
the lists or irc or the cvs commit logs.

Thanks to 'Ave' in #vorbis for this wonderful idea.  I think everyone
will be surprised how much is actually going on :)  It's not all just
waiting around for Monty to finish RC3 ya know :)


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