[vorbis] OT: WinNT(2000) player to open files with unicode names?

Jernej Simonèiè jernej.simoncic at guest.arnes.si
Sun Oct 21 12:17:06 PDT 2001

Hello Beni,

21. oktober 2001, 14:54:00, you wrote:

BC> Thanks, that helped!  (For the tired to read ones: Control Panel ->
BC> Regional Settings -> Change Default button in the first tab sets the
BC> locale used in non-unicode system calls).  Now I just need to find a WA3
BC> skin that doesn't use `bitmapfont's...  Oh, and I will need a WA3 vorbis
BC> plugin, so it's not urgent ;)

I'm already playing around with WinAmp3, with Peter's Vorbis plugin for it...

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