[vorbis] PlusV

Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Sun Oct 21 09:35:15 PDT 2001

    Yes, I realize I can't distribute it.  But it is distributed by many
    people, who obviously don't care or don't know better, including the
    LAME development team (you can download LAME's source code, but not
    binaries, from www.mp3dev.org).  So my question is, since they are
    ignoring their own license and/or the patent restrictions, what happens?

Nothing happens unless someone sues someone.

    Would a court say that because they are ignoring their own license, that
    they shouldn't expect anyone else to?

They might, if the developer distributes in the US.
He might want to put in a geographical limitation
saying that redistribution in the US is not allowed.

But the real solution is to stop using MP3 and use OGG.

You asked a number of other hypothetical questions, some of which I
don't know the answer to.  I have so much work waiting that I'd rather
not spend time on hypothetical questions--please forgive me.

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