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EDB eric.bryant at maine.edu
Thu Oct 18 10:10:56 PDT 2001

I can't even see what all the fuss is about. From what i understood of
their technical explanation, practically everything above 11 khz is white
noise; almost no signal at all. This sounds a little reminiscent of PNS in
AAC, except it's applied haphazardly to fully ½ of the spectrum, with
almost no regard to whether the signal is perceived as tonal or
noise-like,as in AAC. Throw in a few spare sines and call it good. Doesn't
sound worth bothering with, to me.
Plus, how many piggybacks to an outdated and limited format like MP3 can we
see? How many decoders will we see, each supporting only one add-on format?
How'll we even tell just what kind of nonstandard data the mp3-file
And enough of touting 128kbps performance at 64 kbps! My opinion (and I
feel safe in assuming most on this list would concur) that the sound of MP3
at 128 kbps is not acceptable to start with.
Me, I just ignore all this bullshit, and look to the future for better ways
of reducing bitrate while retaining meaningful info. This is where Vorbis
comes in. I think its channel coupling is pretty bloody impressive, even if
a good deal of the technical explanation is over my head. And I'm eagerly
looking forward to the inclusion of wavelets after the 1.0 release. That'll
be nothing to sneeze at. Besides - just listen to it. At 80 or even 64
kbps. Not bad, eh?

But I must always remember - bullshit makes the flowers grow, & that is


BTW, as Vorbis is patent-free, this might be a good place to bring this
up... Is PNS, as used in AAC, covered by patents? How about the prediction
methods it uses (although i really know nothing of what they are or how
they work)?

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