[vorbis] Ogg FLAC

Reuben Martin reuben at fishB8.dns2go.com
Wed Oct 17 07:32:18 PDT 2001

>Kenneth Arnold wrote:
>For all that verbosity, my proposition is a simple
>question: what is the mimimum set of changes needed to make a killer
>editing format out of Ogg, and are those modifications small enough
>that streaming-Ogg and editing-Ogg can be unified such that one is
>just a special case of another? I think this is an important concern
>that is best addressed early if Ogg is to take over the world, i.e. if
>adding editing capabilities requires a minor change to the bitstream
>format for the streaming case (which ideally would be a simple result
>of an editor splicing parts together on the fly), it's better to do it
>now while we're still not locked into a bitstream (neither RC1 or RC2
>will play anything but degenerate streams anyway AFAIK).

Why wouldn't you use AAF?  http://www.aafassociation.org/index.html
 From what little I understand, Ogg was designed with the purpose of acting
as a transport stream rather than an editing format. Are there reasons not
to adopt AAF? It appears (I've never used it personally) to have a very
robust handling of metadata, tagging info and media, ideal for editing


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