[vorbis] Performance tests

Karol Pietrzak noodlez84 at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 16 13:53:57 PDT 2001

On 16 Oct 2001, Hongli Lai wrote:

> How the /sbin/f*sck.ext2 -f did you manage to do that?
> MP3 eats about 30% of my Pentium 233 MMX, and Vorbis about 50%.
> I looked through every possible configuration option in Winamp, but I
> couldn't find any way to improve performance.

Although I can't speak for Erik Olofsson, I can assume that he 
is using the System Monitor utility that comes with Windows *.  
Win95 reports 0-1% utilitization for 70kb/s OGG files on my 
233mHz, which, as you pointed out, is damn near impossible.  The 
system monitoring utils that comes with Win95 is shit, but I 
didn't expect the Win2000 one to be just as bad.

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