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Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon Oct 15 09:11:36 PDT 2001

It's good to see people pushing for Vorbis all over the place.  If
you're interested in Ogg and Java, please do go vote for this RFE.  JDC
requires a login, but if you ever did java programming, you probably
already have one.  If not, it's probably pretty easy to sign up.


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I'd bug you on IRC, but I'm at work and I'm lucky enough to use webmail :)

I know you're not a keen Java person, but this RFE:


could use some votes and definately has some merit.  JCraft's JOrbis is
very cool, and their version of ESounD (JEsd) with builtin Vorbis support
is also very neat.



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