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Just passing this bit of feedback on! :)


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I just wanted to inform you that I ported your libogg and libvorbis packages 
to the Dreamcast platform and wrote a player library around it for the Open-
Source Dreamcast OS "KallistiOS". It is still under development but works 
quite nice.

The library sources will soon go into the "KallistiOS sourcetree". I also 
compiled a preliminary Vorbis Player for the Dreamcast (based on example 
sources of KOS) which works quite nicely. Sound quality is the same as the 
UNiX or Windows players.

I'll soon open a section on my site on this library !

BTW, congrats on your great Audio codec. Main reason for the port was that I 
wanted to playback Vorbis files without having my PC running the whole time !

Thorsten Titze

Thorsten Titze                 eMail:<mailto:thorsten.titze at hangar-eleven.de>
hangar-eleven.de - console development  Website:<http://www.hangar-eleven.de>

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