[vorbis-dev] Re: [vorbis] Request for Standardization: classical music TAGS

volsung at asu.edu volsung at asu.edu
Wed Oct 3 21:34:28 PDT 2001

On Wed, 3 Oct 2001, Craig Dickson wrote:

> Jonathan Walther wrote:
> > Some of us like being able to do things easily from shell scripts.  You
> > going to provide a shell-scriptish XML utility?
> You're going to need some tool to retrieve and alter tags anyway.
> Whether that program reads and writes XML or some other format is beside
> the point.

My previous posts may have been slightly misleading.  I don't think this
COMPOSER/ARTIST/PERFORMER problem should be solved with XML.  Whatever format
is decided for these values, they belong in the Vorbis comments header, which
means _no XML_.

Given that, I don't think there is anyone arguing for solving this problem
with XML, so we can drop that particular issue from this discussion.  The XML
metadata idea is targetted to solve a different problem.

Stan Seibert

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