[vorbis] Re: Metadata format

rillian rillian at telus.net
Tue Oct 2 23:31:59 PDT 2001

On Tuesday, October 2, 2001, at 10:20 , volsung at asu.edu wrote:

> Addendum to this.  Further inspection of the Musicbrainz site suggests 
> that
> they too are still in the process of standardizing their metadata 
> spec.  So
> there are no gobs of data to import yet.  :(

Thanks heavens. The format needs some work. :)

They do have a lot of basic data, iirc.The catalog format could be 
smarter. In the past Rob's been quite responsive to comments in this 
direction. It's also no clear how to extend the scheme to film/video. I 
guess I should sit down and work up some suggestions. I heartily agree 
we should try our best to use the same format for all the reasons you've 

The part I'm less clear on is how to write out the data. MusicBrainz 
does have an xml exchange format, somewhat based on rdf. You can query 
their db for it over the web and they have published code to parse it. I 
was never very happy with the way they did that. I favored a more 
relational structure to the xml, but Rob wanted something linear. There 
are people working on generalized exchange formats for metadata, but so 
far none of them seem to have come to fruition. Maybe it's time to stop 

Finally, there's how to integrate this in the ogg stream. How the page 
interleave works will pretty much work itself out along with the other 
multiplexing code. There are a couple of options for packetization. It's 
possible to break xml up so that a lost packet (outside the header/tail) 
doesn't break parsing. We could also just put everything in one packet. 
It's also been argued that something besides xml be used, maybe based on 
text vectors like the vorbis comment headers.

Well, maybe volsung said all this already, but there's my state of 
thinking too. New input, anyone?


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