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ff123 miyaguch at eskimo.com
Wed Oct 31 07:30:09 PST 2001

Mark wrote:

>Do you guys take the comments of Microsoft in consideration (eg that the
>comparison is apples and peares instead of apples and apples?. I got flamed
>severly for stating my interest in Open Source (OGG) and my anti-DMCA
>stance...so you're warned :) Keep up the good work by the way :)

I've been following the thread on WMTalk

and I added a "test objective" section to the top of the instructions page 
in response, as follows:

Test Objective: Determine how audio codecs which average about 128 kbit/s 
rank in subjective quality. The intended application would be 
general-purpose file-based, audio-only storage. Compatibility with 
real-time streaming, portable devices, or video is not considered in 
choosing the codecs or settings to be compared.

I believe file-based usage is a very common application for codecs at this 
bitrate, so yes, I do believe the comparison has significant 
relevance.  Amir has a point about the bandwidth of flash memory in 
portables limiting the max bitrate for VBR, but I'm not so sure that 
realtime streaming is really an issue.  Is icecast proving to be 
problematic because Vorbis is VBR?


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