[vorbis] vorbis players (or lack of) for mac

dongoodman deg3 at msstate.edu
Mon Oct 29 19:57:29 PST 2001

Perhaps the devel list would be better, but a) i'm not subscribed to it 
just now and b) I'm lazy (dons flame-retardant clothing)...

frankly, i'm rather tired of the lack of free ogg vorbis players for Mac 
OS; it doesn't look like iTunes is going to support the format anytime 
soon (and i have some real issues with its interface, too)...so, since 
I've decided to learn Mac OS X/Cocoa programming, I have no excuse for not 
writing one.

So, I'm going to spend the next year or so in what little spare time I 
have working on a GPL'd vorbis player for Mac OS X. First: any interest in 
this here on the group? Second: what features would be important to y'all.
  Third: call me out-of-touch, but what sort of nasty license issues would 
I run into if I were to integrate and mp3 player into all of this? (I 
assume little to none given the existence of XMMS)
Fourth, and most importantly, being new to Mac OS X programming...any 
suggestions on porting the ogg and vorbis libraries to Mac OS X Frameworks?
  Has someone already done this, or, worse yet, am I on my own on this 
I'll be using Apple's development tools (I love Codewarrior to death, but 
all I have is the academic version for Mac OS 9...), and doing this in 
Objective C (long may it live).

thoughts? suggestions? flames for being off-topic?

have fun
dongoodman <-- maybe don should focus on getting his doctorate instead of 
wasting time on
                frivolous side-projects...

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