[vorbis] Ogg FLAC

rillian rillian at telus.net
Tue Oct 16 20:32:58 PDT 2001

On Tuesday, October 16, 2001, at 06:48 , Jack Moffitt wrote:

> It will be even more useful when we have MNG (ie, lossless video) for
> storage of raw movies maybe.  Ralph?

Absolutely. I'm at least working on this again. We have ogg, and it's 
cleaner than a lot of the other media container formats floating around, 
so it makes sense to have a lossless version for a/v stuff so you can 
keep the tracks together while editing or archiving masters. MNG does 
this nicely for video, so I'm very excited to have a lossless audio 
codec available as well.

Um, I assume flac can do 24/96 and 5.1?

elsewhere Josh wrote:

> my overall vision would be to have an -ogg option to
> flac that does what I mentioned, and a tool that can
> convert between Ogg-FLAC and standalone FLAC, which
> would also be very simple.  all of this I could do
> pretty quickly if it would be really useful.

That sounds reasonable, since you have an estabilished user community. 
There's the extension-sorting issue to think of as well. It makes more 
sense to use oggflac when you're multiplexing with other data. OTOH, as 
jack mentioned you'd get our superior metatdata support. :^)

You mentioned some redundancy in the framing. How did you do the 
packetization? Is there more you could throw away if you're using the 
ogg framing? Not that I should talk since I kept the chunk structure in 


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