[vorbis] Performance tests

safemode safemode at speakeasy.net
Tue Oct 16 18:17:03 PDT 2001

On Tuesday 16 October 2001 20:50, Jack Moffitt wrote:
> > If you really want to be accurate with CPU usage, I'd use the
> > following procedure:
> >
> > $ cat test.ogg > /dev/null ; time
> > xiph-cvs/vorbis/examples/decoder_example < test.ogg > /dev/null $ cat
> > test.mp3 > /dev/null ; time mpg123 <decode and write to /dev/null, not
> > just test decode> test.mp3 $ cat test.mp3 > /dev/null ; time mpg321
> > <decode and write to /dev/null, not just test decode> test.mp3
> This is slightly wrong.  decoder_example is slow.  vorbisfile_example is
> much faster, because of the inline asm that does float->int conversion.
> use vorbisfile_example, since that's also what most players use.
> jack.

Why bother comparing to mp3 decoding?   Why not just compare against ogg 
decoding and try to keep lowering the number?  Does ogg vorbis need mp3 to 
prove something?  I dont think it should.  mp3 should not be a factor in any 
ogg testing except audio output.    mp3 decoders dont use one libmp3 like all 
ogg decoders use libogg.  and mpg123 is far from the fastest.  It's best just 
to stay away from mp3 comparisons.  

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