[vorbis] OT: WinNT(2000) player to open files with unicode names?

Jernej Simonèiè jernej.simoncic at guest.arnes.si
Sun Oct 14 06:38:36 PDT 2001

Hello Beni,

14. oktober 2001, 14:52:57, you wrote:

BC> Most my music files have names in hebrew (FAT32 partition).  I dual-boot
BC> between a hebrew win98 (where these files are opened nicely by winamp,
BC> freeamp and any other program) and a hebrew win2000, where windows media
BC> player is the only program I've seen so far to open them.  All others say
BC> "can't open file ???? ?? ???.ogg" (or .mp3) - both when given the file
BC> name on a command line or and when selected from the player's open dialog.
BC> I also wasn't able to create a playlist externally and have WMP play it
BC> (what encoding does it expect the file names to be?).  WMP has no playlist
BC> editor - says it all ;). Does anybody know of a normal player that can
BC> open files with non-standard names?  Or other workarounds?

I think that this is more operating system limitation, than program
limitation. I remember once I had to get a lot of files from floppies,
which were written in Russian version of Windows (with Cyrillic
names). Windows displayed all filenames as ______.___, and couldn't
open any of them (tried with several programs, and under DOS). The
only way to open them was to let ScanDisk "fix" the floppy, which
changed filenames to garbage, but they at least could be read... This
however won't not work for you...

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