[vorbis] Is GCC 2.95.2 also unusable?

Philippe Tapon philippe at ufoh.com
Sat Oct 13 15:40:02 PDT 2001

> > Does anyone know if GCC 2.95.2 compiles a broken oggenc?  My .ogg files
> > sound like they're being played by a CD player stuck on fast-
> > forward. . . . And I wonder what the solution is.

volsung at asu.edu (Stan) wrote:

> I think the problem is not with oggenc (the compiler issue you refer to
> generates artifacts, but not fast-forward like behavior), but rather with
> libao, the library that does audio output for ogg123.  If you are not using
> ogg123, then I'm totally wrong.

I am using ogg123.  Well-spotted.
> However, if you are, you would be the third Linux+Mac user to observe this
> problem.  It occurs because libao opens the audio device in non-blocking mode
> and then turns blocking on after the device is open.  (There are good reasons
> for this, which I can explain if you care.)  However, one or more of the audio
> drivers for Linux on PPC seem to be ignoring the second call in libao that
> turns the blocking flag back on.  This is a bug in the audio driver and not
> libao, however.

Well, I'm not an über-technie--but sometimes even knowing vaguely why
something doesn't work leads to a real solution. . . .

> Please see http://bugs.xiph.org/show_bug.cgi?id=48 for a patch to libao to
> work around this problem.  You'll note in my explanation on Bugzilla that I
> want to make a configure test to check for this bug, but I don't know how to
> test for it, so I haven't yet.  If anyone has some good ideas let me know.

> Can you tell me which kernel modules you use for sound?  

Er . . . I use a 2.2.17pre20-ben3 kernel and haven't done any kernel

> Also, I would suggest
> you contact the maintainer of the sound drivers you are using, explain your
> problem and point them at the bug page I listed above.  You can also give them
> my email address if they need a more detailed description of the bug.

Thanks very very much for your answer to this query.  I will do't. . . .

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