[vorbis] Decoder speed: Test on slow machine

Maik Merten maikmerten at gmx.net
Sat Oct 13 12:31:58 PDT 2001

Hello everybody,

today I had some time to test Peter´s decoding plugin on a very
slow machine. My setup:

 - Pentium "classic" @ 50 MHz (underclocked!)
 - Mainboard with Mercury Chipset (I think)
 - CD-ROM and HDD in PIO-Mode (CPU intensive)
 - MAD16 Soundcard (ISA slot, CPU intensive)
 - Win95B, Winamp 2.76, Decoder Plugin 1.16 (RC 2)

The hardware setup is something like the "worst case possible" as
data transfer is CPU intensive (PIO mode IDE, ISA soundcard), the
FSB is only 50 MHz (so Cache, Memory and PCI are slow, too) and
the CPU is underclocked (there never was a 50 MHz Pentium).

The results:

 - Simple Visualization (Oscilliscope): Files up to 96 KBit/s
   are played correctly
 - No Visualization: Files up to 128 KBit/s are played correctly
 - Minimized Winamp: No problems up to 160 KBit/s
 - Bitrate higher than 160 KBit/s: Skips appear even with minimized
   Winamp. I assume this happens because of "bitrate peaks/spikes".
 - GUI of Winamp reacts only very delayed during playback,
   skips occur when moving the Winamp window. Decoding on
   this machine is a "full time job"!

I think these results are quite impressive taking into
consideration that speed optimizations are not complete


Maik Merten

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