[vorbis-dev] Re: [vorbis] Request for Standardization: classical music TAGS

Craig Dickson crdic at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 3 10:56:26 PDT 2001

Jonathan Walther wrote:

> You guys only seem worried about "How will this look on winamp".  Well,
> hey!  Hardly anyone plays classical oggs on winamp.  Most ogg users are
> Linux/BSD/Unix users.

I don't know if you've ever heard of a program called xmms? It runs on
Unix and is so visually similar to WinAmp that it can even use WinAmp
skins. So anything that can be said about "How will it look on WinAmp"
probably applies to xmms as well.

However, if you really want to get into made-up-but-reasonable-sounding
statistics, most ogg/mp3 users listen exclusively to pop music and have
enough trouble using the standard pop music tags properly. They may not
know the names of more than three classical composers (Bach, Mozart, and
Beethoven being the most likely candidates, and whether they know those
composers' first names, or can spell their surnames correctly, is
questionable), and either wouldn't bother to, or simply couldn't,
fulfill the requirements of a tagging system that went beyond simply
artist/title/album. So from the same sort of faux-demographic
perspective that you're arguing from, this whole conversation is
irrelevant and pointless.


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