[vorbis] Request for Standardization: classical music TAGS

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Tue Oct 2 17:41:56 PDT 2001

There's been some interesting theory written in this thread so far.
How about a little bit of real-world practice?

In the absence of any standard for these things, I've tried to find
resonable solutions.  I've not been as successful as I'd like.  Over time,
I've gotten closer, though.

Here's a relatively early attempt:

-rw-rw-r--    1 greg     greg      8167534 May 22 21:24 Tori Amos - In the Springtime of His Voodoo - Sugar Dub.ogg
title=In the Springtime of His Voodoo - Sugar Dub
artist=Tori Amos
album=In the SpringTime of His Voodoo (US single)
songwriters=Tori Amos
producedby=Tori Amos
mixedby=Additional production and remix by Vinny Vero & Steve Donato for So Hip It Hurts Productions
coordinatedby=Post Production Coordinated by Johnny "D" De Mairo

A bit later:

-rw-rw-r--    1 greg     greg      5273980 Jun 26 20:46 Tori Amos - Winter.ogg
artist=Tori Amos
album=Little Earthquakes
songwriters=Tori Amos
orchestra=Arranged and conducted by Nick DeCaro
irishwardrum=Eric Rosse
recordedby=John Beverly Jones
assistedby=Leslie Ann Jones
mixedby=Jon Kelly
producedby=Davitt Sigerson


-rw-rw-r--    1 greg     greg      1551180 Jul 22 16:21 Unto Ashes - Beauty Queen.ogg
title=Beauty Queen
artist=Unto Ashes
album=Songs of a Goddess: a Tribute to Tori Amos
latin_translation=Michael Laird & Natalia Lincoln
arrangement=Michael Laird
dulcimers=Michael Laird
drone=Michael Laird
vox_4=Michael Laird
vox_1=Ericah Hagle
vox_2=Melody Henry
vox_3=Natalia Lincoln
feline_vox=Princess Ophelia Buckwheat
recorded=at Dungeon Rock Studios, NYC

(Just for the record, the liner notes on that one look like this:

  unto ashes
  beauty queen
  Latin translation: Michael Laird & Natalia Lincoln
  Arrangement, Dulcimers, Drone, Vox 4: Michael Laird
  Vox 1: Ericah Hagle
  Vox 2: Melody Henry
  Vox 3: Natalia Lincoln
  Feline Vox: Princess Ophelia Buckwheat
  Recorded at Dungeon Rock Studios, NYC
  Unto Ashes appear courtesy of Projekt Records



-rw-rw-r--    1 greg     greg      5659438 Sep 18 21:46 Tori Amos - Raining Blood.ogg
title=Raining Blood
artist=Tori Amos
album=Strange Little Girls
songwriter=Jeff Hanneman
songwriter=Kerry King
bass_painting=Justin Meldal-Johnsen

And this is just for "popular" (hah!) music, folks.  Classical has an
even larger amount of meta-information to be noted.  And we haven't even
*touched* lyrics yet.  (By the way, limitations in vorbiscomment prevent
you from putting the lyrics into a single tag.  Yes, I tried it once,
though not on Tori Amos.  And you can't spread the lyrics across multiple
tags of the same name, because the tags come back in a random order!)

Personally, I'm not going to be satisfied by any solution short of being
able to put *every scrap of textual information* on the CD liner notes
into the .ogg file.  Including lyrics.  (I generally don't put all that
information into every .ogg I encode -- it's rather time-consuming.
But I want to be *able* to!)

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