[vorbis] Request for Standardization: classical music TAGS

John Morton jwm at plain.co.nz
Tue Oct 2 15:47:11 PDT 2001

On Wednesday 03 October 2001 07:07, Jonathan Walther wrote:
> [ Sorry for sending this twice; I sent it to the vorbis-dev list by
> mistake. ]
> The ALBUM, ARTIST, TITLE, and TRACKNUMBER tags aren't sufficient for
> classical music.  MP3 muffed it, but since Vorbis is so flexible, I'd
> like to propose that ogg123 recognize and display the following
> optional tags, instead of giving an error message that it doesn't
> recognize the tags.
> Oh, before I list the tags; I encourage comments and feedback, and
> Monty, if I was to provide a patch to ogg123 that supported my proposal,
> would you be open to including it?
> Here goes:
> CATEGORY=classical
> 	this alerts ogg123 to look out for the other tags mentioned
> 	here.  Otherwise it does what it normally does.

You don't need this. Just detect OPUS etc, and act accordingly. If you really
must, use GENRE=classical instead.

> 	the number of the work; ie, Opus 10, BWV 81 (bach), K6 (mozart)
> 	composer of the work. ie, Gustav Mahler
> 	individual performers singled out for mention;
> 	ie, Sally Straw (violinist)\nJim Buck (harmonica)
> 	the group playing the peice, whether orchestra, choir,
> 	or quartet, ie, Berlin Philharmonic.  if there are multiple
> 	ensembles, they can be listed together as with the
> 	conductor of the work; ie Herbert von Karajan.  As with
> 	ENSEMBLE, if there are multiple conductors, list them same as
> 	with PERFORMERS tag (some oddball modern works require multiple
> 	conductors at the same time)

Some sort of generic distinction between 'the people who performed the work' 
and 'the people who wrote the work' would be really useful all round. 

Given that any given tag can be of any length, you could just compile the 
performers information into the ARTIST tag and index the text so as to search
for the conductors, ensembles and performers you're interested in. 

> 	the record label that produced the CD
> 	since the EIN, ISBN, etc numbers aren't to be reliably found
> 	on the CD, nor is the catalog number reliable, the cddb
> 	discid should go here.

It's been suggested that we use (say) FREEDBID, CDINDEXID or MUSICBRAINZID to
differentiate between the available disc id schemes.

> 	if found, put ISBN or EIN of the compact disc here.
> 	the track number on the CD


> 	title of the work, ie "Pastoral"
> 	type of work, ie, Symphony or Sonata or Piano Concerto

Another GENRE tag for this would do the trick.


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