[vorbis] RC3 ?

Gian-Carlo Pascutto gcp at sjeng.org
Mon Oct 1 16:36:31 PDT 2001

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Subject: Re: [vorbis] RC3 ?

> I'm more concerned with a psycho-acoustic engine that's vorbis biased.  We
> have lame but lame's psycho-acoustic engine is hand tuned for mp3
> I somehow doubt oggenc has an acoustic engine that rivals lame's in
> performance

Hmm, you could be surprised. But actually, I think they have little
in common because of the fundamental differences between the two formats.

> and i dont think lame uses any different routines for when it's
> encoding to vorbis (which i haven't been able to do in rc1 or rc2 with
lame -
> cvs).

LAME uses the Vorbis encoder to encode to Ogg. It does _not_ have it's
own routines for that.

> Does anyone know if there are any people working on this ?

Hmm, LAME hasn't supported encoding to Vorbis for a long time.

> Or does vorbis suffer the same frequency problems that mp3 does?

Not at all...


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