[vorbis] YAVTS (yet another vorbis test stream)

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Tue Jun 26 14:56:20 PDT 2001

> But speaking of which - how will this be implemented in real life?
> Presumably icecast will be need to have the ability to peel on a per-
> connection basis.  How do players like xmms, etc. negotiate current
> requirements, or is that something that'll have to go into the plugins
> later?
> Realplayer can negotiate surestream bitrate over http (which all these
> vorbis test streams are, of course), but is it doing so according to
> some standard that the players/servers can (do?) implement in a
> non-format-specific way?

First, there are two things here.  Peeling and negotiation.  Do not lump
them together :)

Peeling will be some combination of cascaded codebooks and choppin off
the ends of packets as they fly by.  Fairly easy, and probably not very
resource intensive, so we could do this on the fly for every client.

Negotiation is a protocol concern.  Not a format one.  For instance,
RealNetworks SureStream just chooses between one of several encodings
(ie, a surestream file has all bitrates included, it is not peeled).  In
icecast, we know when you've fallen behind.  It's somewhat harder to
detect catching up, but i think with some clever testing and guessing we
can come up with something that works pretty well.


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