[vorbis] Format comparison

Craig Dickson crdic at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 20 17:21:37 PDT 2001

Scott Manley wrote:

> Oh dear you seem to forget that people buy music that don't live in the
> US

No, I simply haven't forgotten that it's the single biggest market for
music, by a long shot. Also probably the largest concentration of
internet users.

> In the UK mix CD's sell more than more artist CD's - at least some of
> them do - mostly ones associated with a big name. Dance music *is* the
> pop music you're talking about in the UK.
> Take a look at amazon.co.uk's top albums, 3 of the top 10 are dance
> music CD's
> (2) Faithless (some carryover between trakc)
> (3) Cafe Del Mar Volume 8 - a straight up DJ mix cd
> (9) The Chillout Session Vol.2
> And in the top hundred I count between 20 and 30 dance albums..

The UK is such a small market that the most amazing things get into the
top 10. I saw a K-Tel Hits of the 70s (or something like that) in the
NME or MM top 10 once. The kind of thing you never see in the US except
in a late-night TV commercial or a used CD store's 50 cent bin. If you
sell a few thousand copies in the UK, you're top 10. So what does that


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