[vorbis] Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder v.1.11a Bug Report

Bacchus 13 bacchus13 at zdnetonebox.com
Fri Jul 6 09:56:05 PDT 2001

Hi, ORK.

Sorry if this sounds patronising but... Probably, you are not accustomed
to mailing lists.  Before asking something, please make sure if there
is a similar question before. ;-)  It helps the programmers to concentrate
on their works.

---- ORK <korsmo at solungen.hm.no> wrote:
> Some Ogg related questions: ...is there any specific date set for the
first official Ogg Vorbis release, yet???

If you mean RC1, in July...Monty cannot specify the date more than this
since the world is ruled by the probability...better ask God or something
correspondent in your own religion or belief.

> ...will the encoding be faster??

Probably, even Monty doesn't know yet.  The speed depends on your system...however,
definitely the file size becomes smaller mainly thanks to Channel coupling.


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