[vorbis] Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder v.1.11a Bug Report

Bacchus 13 bacchus13 at zdnetonebox.com
Fri Jul 6 05:40:05 PDT 2001

On Wed, 4 Jul 2001 17:45:32 "Peter Pawlowski" peterpw666 at hotmail.com

Peter>Sorry for the reply delay, but I didn't feel like configuring my
second email account on fresh win2k install.

Thank you for your replay.

Peter>(1) & (2) are not my bugs (already reported to the right people);
you can workaround the problem by enabling 'show average bitrate' in

Sorry if it was a misunderstanding.  In fact, I don't know the programming
at all.  However, there is a Winamp plug-in based on MPG3 decoder (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Technopolis/9674/)
and it used to have exactly the same problems but ,somehow, they were
fixed and it can show real time VBR without the problems.  So, I simply
thought you could do the same thing to your plug-in.

Peter>(3) - done (v1.12, not released yet)

Thank you.  I am looking forward to the release.

Peter>(4) - I've already received genre lists from several sources; I
think I'll
 merge them and put on my website.

Yes, the possibility also came to my mind but if I put the list there,
I think other users also can copy and paste it to their 'genres.txt.'
 Sorry that it was redundant, in that case, just regard it as my way
of thinking you for your program.  ;-)


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