[vorbis] How do you pronounce 'Ogg Vorbis'?

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Mon Jul 23 11:18:22 PDT 2001

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 08:51:42AM -0700, Craig Dickson wrote:
> Andre Kajita - Administrador da Rede wrote:
> > Sure, it's not that tough and the world won't come to a standstill but
> > why doesn't Monty - the guy that's soon gonna be in every
> > paper/website in the world - make an .OGG with those famous words:
> > 
> > "My name is Christopher 'Monty' Montgomery and I pronounce Ogg Vorbis
> > 'Ogg Vorbis'."
> > 
> > The file would also be a great demo, maybe even becoming the "My name
> > is Linus Torvalds..." of Ogg players!  :)
> This is a cute idea. I like it.
> I suppose Jack or Monty would be the authoritative source for the
> pronunciation, but just as a contrast to your version, I've always
> pronounced Ogg Vorbis as I think any native English speaker (or at
> least, American English speaker) would:
> O = short, like the A in "father" or the O in "bother"
> gg = hard, as in "egg"
> V = English-style, like humming while saying an "f", as opposed to the
>     W-like sound that Germans use for V
> or = like the English word "or"
> bis = rhymes with "kiss"; like "bliss" without the L
> Accent on the first syllable of each word: OGG' VOR'bis.

Yes, the above is the intended pronunciation.  I also like the
test sample idea :-)

(BTW, it's probably a bit too late, but we'd only ever intended to
really refer to this beast as 'Ogg'.  Vorbis is just a codec name, and
soon there will be more than just Vorbis kicking around in Ogg.)


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