[vorbis] Few questions concerning clipping

ndrw mchl grnbrg amg at bewley.net
Sun Feb 25 15:05:11 PST 2001

Aleksandar Dovnikovic <aldov at EUnet.yu> wrote:
: I noticed that clipping occurs in lossy audio compression even
: if there is no clipping in the original file (though the original
: file has peaks that are just below the maximum). I know
: that this happens due to all the filtering involved during compression,
: but I'm wondering just how audible this clipping is because I don't
: hear anything wrong. I mean, as things are now, is it safe to say
: that the clipping introduced in Vorbis will not be audible if,
: of course, the input file doesn't have clipped parts? Is it
: possible to avoid clipping at all (if the source isn't clipped)?
: On the other hand, using samples that are already clipped,
: clipping can't be avoided so the encoder only has to take
: care that it doesn't sound worse...

A lot of professional mastering companies nowadays in the
ultra-blanket-compression trend will intentionally clip a track as long as
it doesn't sound bad.

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