[vorbis] Who'll Be Using Ogg Vorbis Instead Of MP3? @ /.

Hongli Lai hongli at telekabel.nl
Mon Aug 6 15:22:04 PDT 2001

On 2001.08.06 21:31:09 +0200 StarTux wrote:
> With regards to the Slashdot postings, most are from trolls, or people 
> with no clue about what they are posting about.

And that's the whole problem. 85% of all comments on Slashdot are
trolls, flamebaits, goatse.cx links, and crap produced by Slashbots.
Some people who read the comments actually believes that, and then they
tell their friends how crappy Ogg Vorbis is... you get the idea.

Slashdot is not a news site, it's a trashcan filled with trolls and

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