[vorbis] Vorbis ACM codec

Hongli Lai hongli at telekabel.nl
Fri Aug 17 04:09:13 PDT 2001

On 2001.08.17 12:14:53 +0200 Mark de Bokx wrote:
> Imho its possible to mux every conceivable audio codec in a DivX:) AVI
> file.
> I allready encountered the first DivX:)'s that use OGG as audio codec.
> The
> question is if you Ogg Vorbis guys want to be associated with DivX:).
> That
> would be a bad idea imho...DivX:) is controversial and NOT here to stay
> imho...its a rippers codec with a shady past (although they try to be
> "fashionable" with their Open Source initiative) nothing more, nothing
> less.

What you're talking about is OpenDivX, which is a different thing.
The original DivX (or DivX 3), is actually a hacked MSMPEG4-v3 codec,
and is actually illegal to use.
Then Project Mayo started the OpenDivX project (they have nothing
to do with the original DivX).
They borrowed code from MumoSys and made it OpenDivX.

However, the OpenDivX project is as good as dead now.
For months, ProjectMayo is borrowing ideas from OpenDivX for their own,
closed source DivX 4 codec. So while the community is working on
OpenDivX, the guys at Project Mayo (and DivXNetworks) are getting
ideas from OpenDivX to put them in DivX 4.

The existance of DivX 4 is secret, until a few weeks ago.
Project Mayo suddenly closed the CVS, and rejects all patches for OpenDivX.
Then they announce their proprietary DivX 4.

They practically stole the work of the OpenDivX volunteer developers, and
they've got some lame excuses too:
"OpenDivX is a project, not a product."
"Based on our experience, we found out that what the community really
wants is a 'Winamp', not a 'Linux'."

They didn't reply when I asked them why they compare an MP3 player with
an operating system.
And they didn't reply either when I asked them to compare Winamp
with XMMS, or WMA with Ogg Vorbis.

OpenDivX is dead now. The only hope left are the open source video codecs
out there, but most of them are highly unoptimized.
(except for ffmpeg; all codecs in ffmpeg are GPL'ed and highly optimized)

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