[vorbis] some questions: client for ultralinux and streaming

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Wed Aug 16 02:02:47 PDT 2000

At 08:42 AM 8/16/00 +0000, you wrote:
>I am rather new to OGG or streaming, so I like to ask some questions:
>First, clients:
>I have a sun ultra-sparc 5 running linux.
>What clients can I use?

For encoding: oggenc should work (it works on solaris/sparc, at least - and
linux should be easy). 
For playback: xmms. If you're looking for a command line player, ogg123 may
work (but may require a little work - I think it'll be fine, however).

I've done some testing on an ultra (but not linux), so I think everything
more or less works, there. 

>The xmms (that came with the redhat 6.2 installation) does not have the
>vorbis-pluging, and -I guess- the xmms-plugin that's on the vorbis-website
>is for intel-linux?
>Where could I get the source for the plugin and (if 
>necessairy) documentation on how to compile it?

The xmms plugin is in cvs (as are the other programs I mentioned above) -
it's not part of the standard build, so just go into that directory and
type make. You'll then need to copy it to the correct location. It should
work on non-x86, but I don't know if anyone has tested it there.

>Second, streaming:
>Where can I find info the streaming-possibilities of vorbis?
>- (As I am a network admin) what are the possibilities of UDP-streaming
>(if possible via multicasting).
>- What are the possibilities to use vorbis for'low bandwidth, low
>quality' streams (like news-radions) or over 'high-latency'
>paths. (e.g. satelite-links).
>As vorbis is patent-free, it would be interesting to see if it could be
>use to streaming radio-stations from '3th world countries' (is this term
>still polically correct? ;-)), but these countries usually run over
>satelite-links and/or use lower-bandwiths.

All of the above are things that the vorbis format has been designed to do
well at, but some stuff is still missing - low bitrate modes, etc. Expect
this in the future.

>- As there already exist a projects to provide streaming and 'splitting'
>of mp3 (icecast, ...), are there any plans to 'incorperate' ogg into such
>a project.

Yes, people are working on adding vorbis support to icecast.


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