[vorbis] My Vorbis beta 2 impressions

Jonas T Larsson zappa at df.lth.se
Thu Aug 24 16:49:00 PDT 2000

> It does improve the edge behavior between 'seamless' tracks, although
> the possibility of a small click is still there; sorry, a crossfade is the
> only way to be absolutely certain a lossy compression will match up
> the edges when it has no way of knowing two seperately encoded
> samples are related :-)
> One could actually set up the encoder to pay more attention to this to
> make sure that the approximation *does* match up on the other side...

Would it not be possible to actually give the last blocks some special
treatment and make sure that the very last edge matches the original
file? These requests/wishes for removing clicks between tracks pops up
wherever you starts to read boards regarding compressed audio. Since I
am not familiar at all with the transform encoding what I am saying
might just be BS but if the last blocks are simply given more bits
would that accomplish anything? This sounds easier to me than to check
the beginning of the next file and correcting for that one (a simple
command line utility that encodes one file at a time would have
problems I suppose). Even if this would probably be the cleanest
solution of them all.

Yours, Jonas

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