[vorbis] Starting at square one with Vorbis...

Pedriana, Paul PPedriana at maxis.com
Mon Aug 7 14:55:16 PDT 2000

I want to use Vorbis to stream music off the HD in my 
DirectX app. Currently, we have a generic streamer that
writes raw digital sound data into the primary sound 
buffer. We plug sound sources (e.g. wav files, PCM files)
into this streamer by having the sound sources have
an interface something like this:

   class SourceDataSourceInterface{
      virtual   bool   Init(char* pSource) = 0;
      virtual   bool   Shutdown() = 0;
      virtual   bool   ReadFull(char** pDest, int* size) = 0;
      virtual   int    ReadPart(char* pDest, int size) = 0;
      virtual   void*  GetFormat() = 0;

I want to write some code that can convert Vorbis file
data to raw digital data that the DirectX sound driver can 
use. As such, I want to write a version of the above 
struct (well, the actual version has a little more than above)
for Vorbis.

Can somebody tell me where to start? I read what documentation
there was at www.vorbis.com and I couldn't get very far with
it, mostly because it is largely unfinished. 



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