[Vorbis-dev] Cover art

Mathias Kunter mathiaskunter at yahoo.de
Sat Apr 4 06:19:04 PDT 2009

>I also think that specifying what /should/ be done with other

>comments isn't the best idea because you rapidly increase the amount
>of things that implementors are expected to do.  We might want to
>suggest how a COVERART tag could be converted to
>METADATA_PICTURE_BLOCK if an application wants to provide that:


>1. Decode the COVERART tag and check the signature to determine
>whether it is an allowed type.  Lossless conversion from disallowed
>types to allowed types can be carried out.

I think an application MAY validate that the COVERART tag actually contains a valid picture when doing the conversion (in order to keep things simple).

>2. Fill out the FLAC block with the picture data and correct MIME
>type.  Supplying data dimensions is optional.

If an application doesn't decode the image of the COVERART tag for the conversion, it MAY also use "image/" as MIME type, I'd say.

>Should expect to encounter COVERART tags doesn't seem to add much, but
>a note above the specification that we recommend all new embedded art
>follows the METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE format would be meaningful.

Right. I'm going to update the wiki and tell the developers of existing software so that they can update to the new format.



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