[Vorbis-dev] vorbis-tools 1.2.0 Release Candidate

Ian Malone ibmalone at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 15:26:19 PST 2008

Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves wrote:
> On 2/4/08, Ian Malone <ibmalone at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I think the Skeleton one is probably fairly minor if non-
>> skeleton is the default for the oggenc to produce.
>> http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~ibm21/omd_links/vorbiscomment.muxed_2.tgz
>> was written in 2006, I haven't tried building it against a current
>> version of vorbiscomment yet.
> There wasn't any major change in vorbiscomment since that time.
> This was a huge patch and I don't remember seeing it in Trac at all.
> Preliminary testing points out that it indeed works.  Hell yeah?  Ah hell yeah.  More testing to follow before commit.

I wouldn't be too hasty; there appears to be a buffer over-run
somewhere.  Now if only I knew where it was.


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